Mohammed Al Muzayen Law Firm is one of the leading authorities in Saudi Arabia with regard to developing legal and commercial solutions to the clients. 

The focal point of the services offered includes the delivery of stellar legal commercial services such as drafting and review of commercial agreements, for instance, license and franchise agreements.



Commercial Litigation

Our broad perspective and experience in all areas of commercial law has helped many of our business clients resolve disputes and litigation efficiently and cost-effectively. Our key to success is prosecuting aggressively on the one hand, and defending disputes with litigation as the last resort on the other. We have a successful track record finding resolutions for white-collar crimes such as financial fraud and cybercrime, etc.

 Contractual Solutions & Franchise

Our firm offers all kinds of contractual solutions to companies engaged in major business activities. Over time, and through countless satisfied clients, our office has established an impressive reputation in the business community as a top provider of effective contractual solutions in real estate, retail, build-operate-transfer projects, FIDIC contracts, and most especially in franchising.

Corporate Structuring

We are one of the very few practitioners in Saudi Arabia with extensive experience in Corporate Structuring. Having dealt with many clients for so many years, we are able to provide complete structuring solutions to our clients. We guarantee not only a legally-compliant, but also legally-sound corporate structure – no matter how complex it may be.

Corporate Services

 In connection with our other corporate services, Mohammed Al-Muzayen Law firm provides a complete service offering for the administration and the day-to-day governance of our corporate clients. Our reputation for corporate governance is among the more popular ones in Saudi Arabia.

Private Equity

 We fully understand the complexities and have the full trust and confidence of our clients when it comes to private equity. We aim to help our clients raise capital while ensuring compliance and the integrity of their business structure.  On this note, Mohammed Al Muzayen Law Firm has been able to build an unparalleled practice in forming joint ventures so that our clients’ businesses could achieve their goals lawfully and significantly easier.

 Banking & Finance

 Our specialties include giving our clients advice in matters involving structuring, negotiation, bookkeeping, and financial transactions. We are very adept at advising start-ups and leading innovators across the financial and technology industries on the development, adoption and adaptation of technological solutions to maintain a competitive business advantage.

 Family Business

 It is a very common practice in Saudi Arabia to invest in a family business for better wealth management and preservation. Our legal services include advising and providing effective legal solutions to families engaged or would want to engage in a common business enterprise. We believe that binding and clear-cut agreements are the key to building harmonious relationships among family members and avoiding litigation during succession.

Labor and Employment

Mohammed Al-Muzayen Law Firm is an expert in labor standards and labor relations. We are able to give the most relevant advice by keeping updated on the ever-changing landscape of labor laws and regulations. We aim to provide our clients practical, cost-effective and long-lasting legal solutions in making sure that labor disputes cases are at a minimum. We make sure that they are compliant with all regulations to avoid costly litigation.


  Mohammed Al-Muzayen Law Firm’s commercial law practice encompasses commercial contracts, compliance, joint ventures, commercial agencies, franchises, and distribution agreements. Through our exceptional corporate governance abilities, we are able to help our clients build lasting relationships with their suppliers and long-term customers. We have the full trust and confidence of our clients in handling their business affairs, and high-value transactions.

 Construction & Infrastructure

 Engaging in a construction & infrastructure agreement is a complicated process. On the one hand, permits are needed to be secured from different agencies before a project starts. On the other, compliance is a must when the works are already underway. Mohammed Almuzayen Law Firm knows the intricacies of the construction and Infrastructure industry. We are an expert in establishing joint venture agreements and other contracts, as well as dealing with various private and public offices to make sure its clients’ projects are compliant with all construction requirements and regulations.