Anti-Commercial Concealment

While the corrective period for violators of the commercial concealment system continues, the Ministry of Trade’s supervisory teams have enabled the control and closure of three establishments practicing the crimes of commercial concealment in three different cities, which are Al-Kharj, Riyadh and Saudi Arabia.


The watchdogs were able to do so during the intensive tours in all cities and regions of the Kingdom that take place on commercial establishments, and upon completion of the process of closing commercial establishments in violation of the system, all legal measures were taken for those involved in this statutory violation.


During the intensive tours of the control teams at the Ministry of Commerce on various commercial establishments all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they seized three establishments operating in various commercial activities (building materials, foodstuffs, advertising), and the investigation and inspection were completed with proof of involvement in the anti-commercial concealment system. 


Accordingly, the control teams of the Ministry of Commerce closed these facilities and completed all legal procedures regarding them.

As a result, the Ministry of Commerce urged violators of the anti-commercial concealment system, whether the violator is a Saudi national or or non-Saudi, to take advantage of the corrective period that pertains to the violators of the anti-commercial concealment and all its advantages, by submitting requests to correct their violation situations. This is done through the official website of the Ministry of Commerce, before the expiry date of the period specified by the ministry (23/8/2021), in order to avoid all the statutory penalties prescribed and the consequences thereof, in addition to paying the value of income taxes retroactively.


There are options to facilitate the process of correcting situations that violate the system, such as (introducing a new legal partner, whether Saudi or non-Saudi) while continuing to work for the facility, or (for the Saudi to dispose of the facility, whether by assigning it, selling it, or dissolving it) or (registering ownership) For the establishment in the name of a non-Saudi person, and this is done by agreement between the Saudi and non-Saudi parties in whose name the ownership of the facility is transferred, after the non-Saudi person obtains the license for this investment), and a non-Saudi can also apply for a special residency or investment license. In order to continue working inside the facility or submit to final exit from the commercial investment in the crime of commercial concealment.