Legal advice

What is Legal Advice? Legal Advice may only be provided by an authorized lawyer of a state. This type of legal service is considered a practice of law and has the following characteristics:


  • Requires legal knowledge, skill, education, and judgment
  • Applies specific law to a particular set of circumstances
  • Affects someone’s legal rights or responsibilities
  • Creates rights and responsibilities in the advice-giver


Legal Advice often includes a series of steps or actions which your client should take regarding a specific legal matter. It is a type of counsel which could affect the rights and responsibilities of the person receiving the advice. In situations that involve legal matters, seeking advice from lawyers is the only option. Mohammed Almuzayen Law Firm consists of lawyers who specialize in various fields and disputes, but the firm itself specializes in commercial and franchise law. We can provide you with legal advice in these fields and more.

Violations of rights and Breaches of Obligations are some examples of legal matters which may be brought up in a legal proceeding. If you avail of our services, we can help you understand your rights and claims under the law. Our firm can guide you, step by step, on what you should do to avail of the possible remedies under the law. Our specialty in Commercial Litigation also grants us the necessary skills to represent you in court if need be. 

We value everyone’s rights, and we believe in Justice. Justice may only be achieved through proper legal advice and action. We are more than willing to provide you with the necessary services that could help you receive what is due to you.

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