EXPO 2020

From the introduction of the world’s first telephone, the computer and even to popcorn, the World Expo, for more than a century, has become the epicenter of innovations, technology and products that have shaped our world today.

With the World Expo’s extreme potential for creating life changing and industry-changing relationships, I, Mohammed Almuzayen, CEO of Mohammed Almuzayen Law Firm, am pleased to say that our team of experienced and reliable lawyers is prepared to assist prospective investors in establishing and expanding their businesses to Saudi Arabia.

There are unique opportunities that the World Expo offers for foreign investors. As a matter of fact, Business Law in Saudi Arabia encourages and supports the establishment of businesses in the Kingdom. 

As a boutique law firm who has helped in establishing many foreign investments in our country, with particular specialization in the food and beverage sector, our firm is in the best position to assist restaurants, food chains, cafes and the like who are looking to invest their resources and expand their businesses on matters such as but not limited to: Assistance in the franchise of our clients’ businesses whether locally or abroad, Assistance in the making and/or drafting of Master Franchise Agreements, Sub-Franchise Agreements, Area Development Agreements, Single Unit Agreements, and Job Franchise Agreements. In addition, we also assist our clients in preparing their franchise disclosure document (FDD) to be in accordance with best business practices and to make sure that they comply with the laws and regulations in their respective jurisdictions whether in Saudi Arabia or in any other country that is covered by our partner law firm. We also assist our clients in the negotiation of mall lease agreements, registration of trade names, trademarks, and other intellectual properties, representation in any and all competent tribunals as well as to provide and secure solutions in any and all commercial legal matters.

Day-to-day affairs impose many complex legal issues of our clients and their clients. In these situations, we act on behalf of them to settle the case in commercial courts, whether through mediation, arbitration, or litigation. Throughout our practice, we have solved many cases of our clients concerning commercial litigation and cases before arbitral and/or mediation tribunals. 

We at Mohammed Almuzayen Law Firm, also provide services pertaining to the maintenance of our client’s cases. We pride ourselves with our tested and proven ability to keep track of and follow-up the progress of cases with different authorities, ministries and other governmental bodies and institutions. This ability is exercised through our legal team who possess solid legal knowledge, background and experience when it comes to these matters which we have gained throughout the entirety of our practice. As such, through our legal team, we have earned an amazing reputation with the above-mentioned governmental bodies which in turn, allows us to prove to our clients that engaging our services was a worthwhile investment.

In pursuit of helping potential investors looking to expand their businesses in Saudi Arabia from the opportunities that the World Expo has presented, we have established a special committee that is ready to assist our clients in establishing and expanding their businesses in the Kingdom and will also act as the hub for any and all inquiries relating to legal support in relation to the Expo 2020.

With our firm’s vast experience and practice in commercial relationships and with our team of experienced and reliable lawyers, we can say with certainty that we are in the best position to help you with the success of your business expansion in our country.

Mohammed Almuzayen

If you’d like to get in touch with our firm for advice or legal support on business matters relating to the Expo 2020, you may reach us at care@almuzayen-lawfirm.com