Contract Drafting

Mohammed Almuzayen Law Firm specializes in Franchise and Commercial Law. These areas of law are deeply tied with contracts and contract drafting. 


Our specialty in contractual solutions in all areas of commercial law has garnered the trust and loyalty of our clients. This firm has handled and drafted various kinds of contracts, such as those in retail, food & beverage, and franchising sectors, which can guarantee our proficiency in this type of service. Services for Commercial Contracts such as sales contracts, contracts of agency, franchise agreements, etc. are all provided by our firm.


Through the convenience of our online services, we can prepare and deliver these contracts in the comfort of your homes. Online platforms are available for conducting the meetings and preparing the necessary documents. The firm is capable of delivering these services in a timely manner to assure our clients’ best interests.


Furthermore, we guarantee that these contracts will be made following the Saudi laws and the Islamic Sharia Law. All contracts will be reviewed carefully to avoid any loopholes or unfavorable provisions. Through our exceptional corporate governance abilities, we are able to help our clients build lasting relationships with their suppliers and long-term customers. We assure you that we will be fully committed in your case, providing you with an effective, cost – efficient service with your objectives and best interest as the top priority.

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