Construction & Infrastructure

Saudi Arabia is among the largest exporters of oil in the world and invests heavily in construction projects. Due to the increasing population of Saudi Arabia, the government has shifted its focus to building infrastructure and housing, transportation systems such as railroads, airports and bridges and commercial development space.

 In this regard, the Saudi Government has recently begun to tighten restrictions on foreign investment by implementing more restrictive requirements for obtaining a foreign investment licenses and most recently, severe restrictions have been placed specifically on foreign entities seeking to engage in construction activities in Saudi Arabia. 

With all of these severe restrictions that accompany the engagement in a construction & infrastructure business, a lot of complicated factors need to be taken inconsideration especially for foreign investors. Primarily, the construction & infrastructure agreement itself is a complicated process. There are permits and licenses that are needed to be secured from different agencies before the project starts. And as soon as the project starts, compliance to various rules and regulations is necessary. Not to mention the legal matters that have to be taken into consideration such as, the possibility of a legal action arising from faulty or late construction. 

With Mohammed Almuzayen Law Firm, we understand your concern as we know the intricacies of the construction and infrastructure industry. We are an expert in establishing joint venture agreements and other contracts, as well as dealing with various private and public offices to make sure its clients’ projects are compliant with all construction requirements and regulations. 

In addition, we can review your contracts for you to reveal onerous terms and conditions that may unnecessarily or unfairly expand your liability or restrict your ability to seek legal recourse.