The global pandemic coronavirus (COVID – 19) has indeed made an impact in the various aspects of our lives. One which received the most adverse effects is the food industry, as there is a continuous need to close the gap between the world’s growing population and the demand for food. As researches advance in the greater pursuit of making our lives better, the need for a healthy, safe and sustainable alternative for our daily food intake becomes an imperious need. With Gulf countries importing almost 90{d917603069896c47484aec0cf18bcd08d1b38b2c0a57526e36e24b7e1243a178} of the food they eat, Saudi Arabia is looking for  innovative techniques to safeguard food security, one of which is the use of CLEAN MEAT.

CLEAN MEAT is a term used to describe real meat that is made out of animal cells which are cultivated in the laboratories rather than getting the meat from a live animal. This initiative focuses on developing animal-free meats from beef, pork and seafood without actually killing or harming the animal. 


The potential benefits of clean meat are significant, primarily on animal welfare. For one, inhumane treatment, such as slaughtering, of a huge number of animals would be eradicated. 

Second, clean meat can help improve environmental issues such as land degradation, loss of biodiversity, global warming, and air and water pollution by conserving land and water, preserving habitats, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and preventing manure pollution and antibiotic overuse. 

Third, the use of antibiotics in meat and poultry production raises a lot of concerns to consumers. Farmers frequently use antibiotics on livestock and poultry, usually to compensate for poor farming conditions, which eventually leads to another global concern of antibiotics resistance.  These concerns, moreover can be reduced if not totally eliminated with the controlled conditions within clean meat labs.

Fourth, health risks that accompany the consumption of traditional meat can be prevented or more easily detected in clean meat due to the sterile production process. The known infections include, bacterial infections such as Salmonella and E.coli and parasitic infections such as pork and beef tapeworm infections.


Mohammed Al-Muzayen Law Firm is one of the few law firms in Saudi Arabia that specializes on the retail sectors and supports the use of CLEAN MEAT as part of our clean and sustainable environment advocacy. 

Mohammed Al-Muzayen Law Firm supports the retail sectors who are venturing on the use of friendly alternatives to the traditional production of meat, seafood and other plant-based nutrition sources.

Mohammed Al-Muzayen Law Firm supports clients who have an idea to help them incorporate their company, raise their capital, protect and license their intellectual property, sign strategic partnerships and, ultimately, commercialize these life-changing treatments and technologies. 

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