How to Raise a Claim in Saudi Arabian Commercial Courts

Commercial Courts system in Saudi Arabia    The Saudi Arabian judicial system consists of three main parts. The Sharia system, the Board of Grievances and various committees within government ministries that address specific cases including commercial disputes. In the advent of the Commercial Courts Law (CCL) which was officially published on 17 April 2020, the … Read more

How to form a new business entity in KSA

What are the types of companies in Saudi Arabia?   Saudi Arabia is renowned for being a foreign investment haven. Apart from countless business opportunities, the relatively low tax for foreigners in the Kingdom makes it a very attractive prospect especially for investment companies. Anyone who wishes to establish or register a commercial undertaking in … Read more

How to execute judgement in Saudi Arabia

How to execute a judgement in Saudi Arabia ? To satisfy a favorable judgement given by a Saudi Arabian Court, it is necessary for a winning party to apply for an execution order. For example, before an employee can collect payment arising from  a judgement order by a Saudi Labour Court, he must first apply … Read more