Mohamed Almuzayen

Franchise lawyer

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specialist in food and beverage sectors.
interested in legal technology and financial technology or Fintech
supporting clean meat!

Founder of Mohammed Al Muzayen Law Firm, who specializes in franchise law, relating to intensive drafting of Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) and other Franchise Agreements. Assisting multinational companies to engage their unique brands in Saudi Arabia. 

Founder of ALAQD platform, which provides specialized contractual and commercial solutions for multinational corporations. 

Expert in Corporate structuring, having assisted multinational companies in the establishment of their business in Saudi Arabia in the form of joint stock companies. 

Specialist in Intellectual Property Law, having registered trademarks and trade names for multinational corporations doing business in Saudi Arabia. 

One of the few practitioners in Saudi Arabia who can provide a wide – variety of legal services for the retail industry, especially in Food and Beverage and Pharmaceuticals. 

Former legal advisor to multinational groups such as – Almajdouie holding , Binzagr Group, Youmak Mining Corporation and others. 

Speaker and lecturer on franchising law, drafting commercial contracts, and establishing joint stock and holding companies for the benefit of the Riyadh Chamber for Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (monsha’at) 

Author on different legal articles on franchising, commercial contracts, and company


King Saud University Bachelor of Laws – LLB, Commercial Law · (2005 – 2009)


  • Licensed Lawyer From the Ministry of Justice 
  •  Member Of The Saudi Bar Association


Mohammed Almuzayen Law Firm


September 2015 – Present (5 years 7 months)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

As executive manager of the law firm, Mohammad Al Muzayen has the

following duties and responsibilities;

1.Develop and execute the law firm’s business strategies and oversee the law

firm’s financial performance

2.Build long term, trusting relationships with clients, business partners and


3.Execute public speaking and representational appearances in franchising

law, commercial litigation and corporate structuring.

4.Represent reputable clients in commercial courts.

5.Solve complex legal issues in behalf of clients with the Saudi authorities.

6.Supervise the day – to – day duties and responsibilities of partner lawyers.

7.Advise clients with their legal concerns such as foreign investments in Saudi

Arabia, registration and licensing of their franchise.

8.Draft and review complicated contractual relations for national and

international clients.

9.Maintain the harmonious relationship between our law firm and international

law firms.


As the founder and executive manager of the ALAQD Platform, he has the
following duties and responsibilities:
1. Develop and execute the ALAQD’s business strategies and oversee
ALAQD’s financial performance.

2. Oversee the frequent updates and technical improvements of the ALAQD

3. Follow up with the Software Engineers.
4. Maintain the harmonious relationship between the Mohammed Al Muzayen
Law firm (as operator) and ALAQD Platform.
Motasem Khashoggi Law Firm
Corporate Legal Advisor
December 2014 – December 2015 (1 year 1 month)
Saudi Arabia
-Legal Advisor. Mr. Al-Muzayen has comprehensive background in company
law and contract law, with specialized skills in drafting legal documents, and
acting in behalf of the company in all kinds of courts. He also has the ability to
manage day to day legal affairs of the company.
-Financial and Investment Advisor. He specialize in advising multinational
corporations on all aspects of investment in Saudi Arabia including Mining,
manufacturing, and retailing.
-Corporate Structuring Specialist. He also advises our clients on all aspects
of corporate restructuring, including formation, transformation, mergers and
acquisitions, bankruptcy issues and insolvency.
-Commercial Litigation Specialist. Mr. Al-Muzayen offers to public listed
companies a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with complex
corporate and commercial matters, especially in corporate governance issues
and white collar crimes.

-Intellectual Property Law Consultant. He assists our clients with respect to
both contentious matters, including trademark and copyright violations, and
transactional matters relating to intellectual property assets, including licensing
and franchising arrangements, joint ventures, copyright and trademark


  • SEE- Saudi Franchise Expo – Franchise Consultant 
  • General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (Monsha’at) – Franchise Lawyer 
  • General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (Monsha’at) –  Contractual solutions Lawyer 
  • Riyadh Chamber – Franchise Lawyer


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  •  Riyadh Chamber
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